The worlds most influential people

TIME Magazine version :
B. Builders & Titans
-The Twitter Guys (Biz Stone,Evan William and Jack Dorsey)-US
-T.Boone Pickens-Entrepreneur-US
-Ted Turner-Philanthropist-US
-Tessa Ros-Movie Producer-UK
-Carlos Slim-Magnate-Mexico
-Brad Pitt-Philanthropist-US
-Meredith Whitney-Stock Analyst-US
-Suze Orman-Financial Adviser-US
-Lauren Zalaznick-Network Chief-US
-Timothy Geithner-Secretary of the Treasury-US
-Nandan Nilekani-CEO-India
-Stella McCartney-Fashion Designer-US
-Jamie Dimon-CEO-US
-Sheila Blair-FDIC Chair-US
-Moot-Web Host-US
-Alexander Medvedev-Energy Car-Rusia
-Alan Mulally-CEO-US
-Bernie Madoff-Criminal-US
-Robin Chase-Entrepreneur-US
-Jack Ma-E-Commerce CEO-China

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