The worlds Most influential people

TIME Magazine : E. Scientist & Thinkers
-Nouriel Roubini-Economist-Turkey
-Amory Lovins-Green Visionary-US
-Jon Favreau-Speechwriter-US
-Dambiso Moyo-Foreign Aid Thinker-Zambia
-Dan Barber-Chef-US
-Yoichiro Nambu-Physicist-Japan
-Roland Fryer-Social Economist-US
-Martin Lindstrom-Author and Marketing Expert-US
-Paul Krugman-Economist-US
-Barbara Hogan-Health Minister-South Africa
-David Sheff-Author/father-US
-Steven Chu-Energy Secretary-US
-Connie Hedegaard-Climate and Energy Minister-Denmark
-Daniel Nocera-Chemist-US
-Nicholas Christakis-Physician and Sociologist-US
-Stephan Schuster and Webb Miller-Biologist-US
-Doug Melton-Biologist/stem cell specialist
-Paul Ekman-Psychologist-US
-Shai Agassi-Electric Entrepreneur-Israel
-Nate Silver-Statistician-US

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