The trouble with change in human affairs is that it is so hard to pin down. It happens all the time. But while it happens eludes our grasp, and once we feel able to come to grips with it, it has become past history. (Ralf Dahrendorf)

Making complex clear always helps people wirk smarter. Its a lot easier to figure out whats important and ignore what isnt. (Bill Jensen)

Insecure managers create complexity. Frightened, nervous managers use thick convulted planning books and busy slides filled with everything they’ve known since childhood. Real leaders dont need clutter. People must have self confidence to be clear, precise, to be sure every person understands. (Jack Welch)

In dream we produce the picture which will around the emotions we need to purpose, that is, for solving problems confronting us at the time of the dream in accordance with a particular style of life, which is ours. (Alfred Addler)

Successful leaders see on three levels. Level ¹: Perception : seeing what is niw with the eyes of reality. Level 2 : Probabilty : seeing what will be with the eyes of discernment. Level 3 : Possibilty : Seeing what can be with the eyes of vision. (John C. Maxwell)

True leaders inspire people to do great things and when the work is done, their people proudly say we did this ourselves (Lao Tzu)

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