Audit internal SMPN 3

Today we closing meeting with auditor internal from director office. The audit about check the management sistem at gunung pamela plantation. The sistem are ISO 900¹about quality, IS0 1400¹about environment, SMK3 about Safety and Health and also RSPO. The team auditor is lead by mr.Zuliono,SP. This audit is also for prepare the external audit.

Posted by ShoZu


2 Responses to “Audit internal SMPN 3”

  1. joharicybermedia Says:

    Wah….. matap mas, gimana hasil auditnya mas… Terus kalau boleh sharing certification body yang di gunakan apa…? dan sistemnya antara SMM/SML/ SMK3 masih terpisah atau sudah di integrasikan ….

    Bumi Borneo

    • Bily Aryadi Says:

      Terima kasih bapak mau berkunjung lagi ke blog saya….

      Sistem manajemen di PTPN 3 sudah diintegrasikan pak.

      Bapak dari ptpn juga ???

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