we have a new manager right now

Today mr Ir H. Boy Nirwan came to tanah raja plantation to orientation and sign for the new manager. Mr. Ir. Kasir Karo-Karo have a mutation to a big plantation at Sei Baruhur plantation. At the employee hall , Mr. Kasir says that he was apologize if for this one year at tanah raja plantation had many mistake or little big angry to all employee. All that he make its only for repair the sistem and for the target of production can be reached. He also said that he have a many home work to do for mr. Ir. H. Boy Nirwan at tanah raja plantation such as make isolation drainage at the near village who had border with tanah raja plantation and repair the human quality for the better result. At the same time, mr. Ir Boy Nirwan says that we must remember our “tata nilai” like proactivity, excellence, team work, innovation and responsobility. Together we can do it, insya Allah. Mr. Ir. Manogang Gultom as a District Manager also give advice that we must change our selves before we force someone to change exactly like we want. We also must prepare our selves to make a better quality, skill, knowledge and attitude.

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