safari ramadhan 1432 H at tanah raja plantation

Safari ramadhan at tanah raja plantation with our CEO, Ir H. Amri Siregar. Our leader says that we must show our quality because we are the best plantation for state owned enterprises.
Although rainy we still excited to hear the voice of our CEO. The ceremony also bring the ulama H. Sudarso.
Today are second week of Ramadhan full with maghfiroh. The ustadz says that are five principle of people who have iman. The first are looking for اَللّهُ ridho. Ridho means like, the thing what we like. Who people love an orphan child, they will loving by اَللّهُ . Ridha اَللّهُ depends on parents ridho. We must make happiness our parents. Second are that people who have iman must have a living guidance.
That is Al quran. Third are living friend, that is science. Who want to have happy at the world must have scince. اَللّهُ will raise a few degree people who have science. The fourth are attitude that is ahlakul karimah, habbluminnnallah and hablumminnannas are balance. The last are living modals that is amal.

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