launch new product Becano from Bayer at grand angkasa hotel Medan euy !

The new product from bayer called a Becano, herbicide pre emergence. They said can hold a weed for almost Eight month ! Yes 8 month ! Do you believe it ?
Well you must try it, hehe..

The opening ceremony also have an old artist from 80-90’s mr. Murry from Koes Ploes Band, nice song…


7 Responses to “launch new product Becano from Bayer at grand angkasa hotel Medan euy !”

  1. Barnabas Dakoura Says:

    This becAno is a very interesting new innovative product. Please advise me of where I can get the product in Indonesia or Malaysia. Thanks

    • Bily Aryadi Says:

      thankyou for visit my web site..

      if you interest about this product you can call the bayer representative at Indonesia, you can check it..

      i hope can help u..

  2. Barnabas Dakoura Says:

    Hi Bily Aryadi. Thanks for your kind reply. I am in Papua New Guinea and not sure of Indonesian bayer representative. I really appreciate if you can help by providing contacts for the rep. Thanks

  3. Barnabas Dakoura Says:

    Thanks a lot. Do you also have James Tampubolon’s email? I would appreciate having that from your end.
    Again thankyou very much for your great assistance so far.

  4. Barnabas Dakoura Says:

    Thankyou very much. You are so kind and helpful. Cheers!

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